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Therapy Services

YOU CAN feel less worried, overwhelmed and lonely.

IT IS POSSIBLE to feel happier and content.

YOU ARE ABLE to feel more at ease in your body.

We learned that our bodies are the problem, when actually they are our greatest resource. My therapeutic approach is based upon working with your body and getting curious about what it has to tell and teach us. 

You will learn about your nervous system, using Polyvagal Theory. You will come to understand how your nervous system is designed to fight for you and your survival and then work with it to regulate your body and your mind. 

We will use cognitive approaches like CBT and DBT to create new narratives and ways of thinking about you and your body.

We will use body focused techniques to help you be in your body with more ease.

I collaborate with you to help you feel better. Each time we meet I hope you leave with something - a concept, an new way of thinking, a physical practice, a connection - that you can take with you and use in your life. 

With time you will gather the skills and regulation you need to be the most authentic version of yourself - one that never needed fixing in the first place.

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